Mastermind 3D – Game in Google Play Store

Mastermind has always been appealing and is now programmed in the simplest way within a few hours using the Unity Engine and published on the Google Play Store. Free and without advertising!

Mastermind is a puzzle game where you have to guess a five-digit code out of colors. The opponent, who invented the code, in this case the computer, gives each time an indication of how close you are to the correct code.

The clue is given by the computer by spending black or white balls. A black ball stands for a direct hit. This means that a position of the code is correct,

unfortunately you just do not know which one. Two black balls would mean that two positions are correct and five black balls that all positions are correct and you have cracked the code.

A white ball means that a color is right but not in the right position. So five white balls would mean that you found all the colors, but you have to put them in the right order.

The game is very tactical and with plenty of consideration you can crack the code with a few tries.

The game can be downloaded and played for free in the Google Play Store:

Jetzt bei Google Play

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  1. Games that are built with good quality and very inspiring, can i share it?

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